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Slack Jira Integration

May 13th, 2018 Posted by Featured, Public 0 comments on “Slack Jira Integration”

Integration with Slack is one of the key reasons why companies continue to migrate to the growing chat platform.   Recently Slack shared some metrics on their growth and it continues to be impressive with 8 million daily active users spanning 500,000 teams with 3 million paid users.

To date Slack has done the best job of promoting integration as a key differentiation in the platform and developers continue to release apps to help integrate Slack with many different platforms.

The competition is growing in the space with offerings from Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Atlassian looking to capitalize on the success of Slack.  These platforms have a varying degree of integration support and promotion of integration but all continue to iterate to bring more value to their chat platform.

One of the most common integrations for teams of all sizes is a connection with Agile development tools.  This suite of software solutions help teams running agile processes to spit projects into sprints and activities into tasks and sub-tasks.  Keeping everything organized is a key tenant to success in Agile development and a number of platforms exist to help the process.

A few of the most common platforms are Atlassian Jira, Trello and Asana.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and work best for teams based on their maturity and complexity.   In all cases however the integration with chat platforms is a critical aspect of keeping everything moving.

When chat platforms are integrated with development tools the process moves faster because everyone stays on the same page and users don’t have to constantly switch between apps losing precious time.

When looking for a slack jira integration there are a few options for teams to consider:

  • Jira Cloud by Atlassian – this free plugin allows Jira Cloud customers to get ticket information when issues are mentioned.   It will find issues in chats and automatically expand information about the ticket.
    • Advantages: Free
    • Disadvantages:  Single Feature, Only available for Jira Cloud, Requires configuration for each channel.
  • Jira Server Alerts – this plugin utilizes web hooks in Jira to push updates to channels when updates are made in Jira.
    • Advantages: Free, Available for Jira Cloud and Server
    • Disadvantages: Only pushes information from Jira to Slack – no other features
  • Slack Jira Integration – This plugin also known as Jira Integration+ represents a premium alternative to free solutions.  It is targeted towards teams that want to do more with integration with Jira and comes packed with many more features then the free alternatives.
    • Advantages: Full integration with Create, Assign, Transition, Comment, Edit, Schedule, Log Work, Notifications, and more.
    • Disadvantages: Premium service at $0.50/user/month
  • Jira Server Slack Integration – Teams running a self-hosted Jira Server solution should not feel left out when it comes to Slack integration.  This solution offers the same deep integration available for Jira Cloud teams and is compatible with Jira server versions released after 2016.
    • Advantages: Fully featured, Compatible with behind the firewall solutions
    • Disadvantages: Premium service

For teams using Trello the official integration between Slack and Trello is likely the best bet.

  • Slack Trello Integration – this plugin offers a deep integration between Trello and Slack and mirrors many of the features that Jira Integration+ offers with it’s Slack to Jira integration.
    • Advantages:  Fully featured
    • Disadvantages: Utilizes a power-up which effects Trello pricing

If Asana is your Agile platform of choice the official offering also looks fully featured.

  • Slack Asana Integration – Allows users to take action directly from Slack.  Users can creates issues, add comments, etc right from Slack.
    • Advantages:  Fully featured
    • Disadvantages: N/A

When looking at the options available for integration with Slack it is clear there are many good choices to keep your agile process moving.  All provides with fully featured solutions are touting the prevention of context switching and streamlining the process.   As hundreds of thousands of teams utilize these solutions and continue to write positive reviews it is clear that at least some of these promises are being delivered.

What do you think?  How does your team integrate your Agile tool with Slack? Any solutions missing from my list?

PS – For those looking for a Jira Stride Integration that works with Jira Cloud and Server check out Chat for Stride from Nextup.  It appears to be a fully featured integration and will likely gain some traction with Jira Server teams looking to migrate from HipChat to Stride.

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