Sonos Playbar: Samsung Smart Remote Setup 2016

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Setting up Sonos Playbar with Samsung Smart TVs.

The Sonos system for surround sound via the playbar with a sub and some play 1s or play 3s for rear surrounds provides a nice wireless setup for surround sound.  Pair this with a 2016 Samsung TV like the KS8000 or KS9000 and you have a nice setup.

If you figured out the universal remote solution you may have been running before with macros and series of commands is no longer needed you are probably as excited as I was.   Now you finally have a single remote that everyone can use and seamlessly controls all of your devices.

The problem occurs when you setup the Sonos playbar and try to use the Samsung remote to control the Sonos volume.

Don’t fret, there is a solution that works… but before we get there lets cover some of the misinformation you will find along the way.

#1 Sonos will point you to invalid help pages (as of September 2016)

This link –

  • It will tell you the setup is simple, just connect the IR adapter that comes with your TV and your RF signals will be repeated via the INCLUDED IR repeater and everything will work fine.
  • The problem is Samsung no longer sends an IR repeater, go ahead – dig in your box, you won’t find it.

#2 Forums will say its possible and also that its not possible

#3 You will consider sending the Sonos back…

#4 Hopefully you find this page or figure out the link below yourself.

The best answer to be found online before this post is here –

  • A nice fellow named Buc_Nasty lays this out pretty well.   This is how I figured it out.
  • This post uses the power of the inter web to show you pictures and helps with the setup of Direct TV, Apple TV, etc along with the analog input shown by Buc

How to setup Sonos Playbar with 2016 Samsung TVs

Please follow these steps exactly, don’t guess ahead or assume you know then comment it does not work.  It does work if instructions are followed.

Setup your Sound System on the Samsung

  1. Go to Source the box with the arrow pointing in. img_2512
  2. Select “Universal Remote” img_2513
  3. Select the choice “New Device”img_2514
  4. Select “Home Theater System”img_2515
  5. Select the Brand “Bose” – I know its not a Bose, do it anyway.
  6. Select “Optical” as the port
  7. Press the “Power Test” button and say “Yes” – It won’t turn off your Sonos – don’t expect it to.
  8. You should end up with something like this where your devices are listed and also “Bose”
  9. CRITICAL – On the TV go to source and select TV (like old school TV as shown) as the input. img_2533
  10. Part 2 – On the Sonos App.  Go to the hamburger menu and “Settings”img_2529
  11. Go to “Room Settings”
  12. Select “TV Setup and Control”
  13. Select to “Replace Current Remote” OR “Add new Remote” if you don’t already have one setup. The Sonos App will now ask you to press the volume up button. Press on the Samsung remote.
  14. Success – you should now see the Sonos light up when you press the up or down button on the Samsung remote.  Now lets tell the TV to use the Sonos for sound on your devices.  You will need to repeat the steps below for each device you would like the sound to be played via Sonos.
  15. Go back to the “Universal Remote” input like step 2.  Find the first TV source you want to change.  In this case Direct TV.  Press UP and select “Use with Home Theater”
  16. The name will now change to -Bose like shown below “DIRECTV-Bose”, lets edit the name to make it just Direct TV.  Select this input and press Up to find “edit”
  17. Alter the name and remove the -Bose
  18. Result
  19. Now the Samsung will find “DirectTV” and automatically add the icon back.
  20. Select your next input device and select “Use with Home Theater”, change name, etc

At this point your Samsung remote will control the volume via the Sonos Playbar and you can still maintaine the single remove dream.

Hope this helps someone.

  • Jeff Wade

    I think I can shed some light on this issue. I purchased 2 of the Samsung Frame TVs (a 65″ and a 55″) this holiday season. Mine also came with the white remotes that are shown in this thread. I have a Sonos Playbar optically connected to each TV and spent many hours trying to get the remote to control the Player volume. Here’s what’s going on…

    All of the articles I have read focus on trying to get the remote to generate IR signals to the Playbar, but I have determined that the IR signals do not come from the remote…they come from the OneConnect base unit!

    My 55″ Frame has the OneConnect base and all of the HDMI devices stacked in an open shelf unit just below the Playbar. The 65″ is in a large room with all of the components (including the OneConnect base) in an enclosed cabinet, except for the Playbar. The 55″ remote will control the Playbar volume, but the 65″ remote will not.

    Here’s what I did:

    1) On both TVs, I plugged in the UVerse receiver (HDMI 1) and the Apple TV (HDMI 2) and the Playbar (Optical)

    2) I ran through auto setup and let the Frame discover the devices

    3).I went into “Source” on each TV and chose “Universal Remote”

    4) I created a Home Theater Device and used the “Search” field to search for Sonos (it appears in the search results) and selected it.

    5) I tried the Power Test and chose “No” the first time

    6) I tried the Power Test again and chose “Yes” this time (it doesn’t really do anything, just answer “Yes” and select “Done”)

    7) Go back into “Source” and select “Universal Remote” again

    8) Select each HDMI device and choose “Use with Home Theater” device, then hit the HOME button on the remote

    9) If your OneConnect base is near the Playbar, the volume control will now work as expected. If you place a big pillow or box over the OneConnect base, you’ll notice that the volume control no longer works. That’s how I figured out where the IR signals were coming from. The remote sends a Bluetooth command to the OneConnect base and it generates the IR signals to the Playbar.

    10). Since all of my equipment is placed properly with the 55″, it works great. For my 65″, I purchased a Shaxon wireless IR repeater kit and placed the receiver end in the cabinet in front of the OneConnect base, and put the transmitter on a.shelf pointed at the Playbar. Success! I now have volume control of my Playbars using the Samsung remotes.

    Here’s a link to the Shaxon kit I purchased:

    Hopefully this will help others get this working! Good luck!