Simplefolio Customization: Seperate Slider and Portfolio Category Settings

February 20th, 2011 Posted by Public 3 comments on “Simplefolio Customization: Seperate Slider and Portfolio Category Settings”

By default Simplefolio assumes you want to use the same post category for the elements displayed on the homepage slider and the portfolio page.  These modifications allow you to select a different category for each section.

Step 1 is to add the option in the template configuration file located at /<root>/wp-content/themes/simplefolio/admin/index.php

Around line 248 find this block:

$sfoptions[] = array(    "name" => "Slider Options",
"type" => "heading");
$sfoptions[] = array(    "name" => "Number of Slides",
"desc" => "This must be a number. The slides will be taken from the portfolio category you selected in earlier options. Default is 5",
"id" => $shortname."_slider_slides",
"std" => "",
"type" => "text");
$sfoptions[] = array(    "name" => "Text Lenth",
"desc" => "The ammount of characters you wish to display under the title. Default is 100",
"id" => $shortname."_slider_chars",
"std" => "",
"type" => "text");

Add the following:

$sfoptions[] = array(    "name" => "Slider Category",
"desc" => "Select the category you will use for slider elements.",
"id" => $shortname."_slider_page",
"std" => "Select a page:",
"type" => "select",
"options" => $sf_categories);

The settings page should now look like this:

Step 2 is to modify the “template-home.php” file located at /<root>/wp-content/themes/simplefolio/admin to reference this new option

Line 14 change the following:


$category = get_option('sf_portfolio_category');


$category = get_option('sf_slider_page');

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